Hollyhock 1 (8 X 10)

Gaudi's Garden 2 (8x10)

Garden Paths 5 (8 X 10)

Happy Flowers ID1 (8x10)

Western Bluebirds 1 (8 X 10)

Angel Fish and Water Lily 1 (8 X 10)

Figure 8 2 (8 X 10)

Garden Paths 3 (8 X 10)

Butterfly, Beetle and Pond 2 (8 X 10)

English Garden by the Sea (8 x 10)

Garden Symphony 3 (8 x 10)

Painted Bunting Birds 1 ( 8 X 10)

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds 1 (8 X 10)

Contemporary Flower 5 (8x10)

Gaudi's Garden 1 (8 x 10)

Contemporary Flower ID1 (8x10)

Contemporary Flower 2 (8x10)

Moon Valley 1 (8 X 10)

Butterflies in the Breeze 1 (8x10)

Butterfly, Beetle and Pond (8 X 10)

Beetle Butterfly and Iris 2 (8 X 10)

The Storm 1 (8 x 10)

Garden Symphony 2 (8 X 10)

Geometric Flowers 2 (8 x 10)

Contemporary Flower 6 (8x10)

What I Create

Unique colorful artwork that is soothing, yet adventurous.

Hand-sketched and inked

Focused Imagination


Bright Mezermizing Colors. No Two Alike

Geometric Influence

Thought Provoking, Almost Hypnotic


About the Artist

The artist has always had an adventurous spirit with experience in landscape design, hotel operations, quality assurance, sailing, motorcycle racing, fly fishing, and extensive worldwide travel. His art style is likewise diverse and adventurous. The style is not easy to define or categorize...


Subject matter includes birds, flowers, beetles, butterflies, and gardens. There is a strong geometric influence in backgrounds and occasionally in the subjects themselves. Some clients have called the art stress-reducing and even hypnotic.

(Colors in the gallery and artwork images are not as bright as the actual artwork)

News updates & Blog

Art updates and the adventures of Joe Striss

Another fun time was on the Columbia River in Washington. Caught two very nice salmon. I’ll post a photo of one of them. I should be smiling but the fish was pretty heavy and I think I was straining a bit to hold it up. Ha ha! I kept these fish and filleted them for some great meals. I lived in


One more thing. I also enjoy cooking and if I say so myself, I’m a pretty darn good cook. One of my favorite dinners is sautéed chicken with a Tarragon Wine sauce. Of course, I like some plain white rice to soak up some of the sauce. Sometimes I’m so caught up with eating my creation that I


I love fly fishing and I have fished many rivers, lakes and oceans over the years. Two of my most memorable trips were to the Rio Coehano in Chile. Where I caught a very nice Rainbow trout on a brown and black wooly worm. Here’s a picture of that fish and me with a big, BIG smile. The fish was