About Me


About the Artist An adventurous spirit...

In his teen years, Joe was a landscape designer in southern California. At 15 he was made a partner in DesCon Landscaping and did all their design work. At 19 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. During his enlistment he married his high school sweetheart, Phoebe. He was designated a meritorious non-commissioned-officer and nominated for Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia but opted for his honorable discharge.



Upon his honorable discharge from the Marine Corps he returned to residential landscape design. Staying in southern California he became a controller for a small meat company. During this time he began racing motorcycles in the southern California dessert. Also, founding URA (United Racing Association) and promoted family style enduros(a form of motorcycle racing). The largest event attracted more than 1,400 riders.

By 1976 the family decided to move from southern California to Colorado. The family included a son, Randy and a daughter, Sandy. They were tired of the smog, traffic, crime, and crowded nature of southern California. They moved to Alamosa, Colorado with a population of around 1,400. Deciding that was still too crowded and wanting the best school in the area – Sangre de Christo, they moved to Mosca, Colorado with a population of 80.

In Colorado Joe was the controller for a small hotel group. However, in 1980 he was promoted to Executive Vice President and was responsible for 6 full-service motels employing 500 to 700 employees. It was during this time that Joe developed a passion for sailing and often sailed on Lake Dillon. It was also during this time that he enrolled in the International School of Sailing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and became certified as a bareboat skipper.

Best Western International, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, offered a position as Director Quality Assurance. In 1988 Joe accepted this challenging position. One of his responsibilities was overseeing the renovation of about 2,000 Best Western properties in North America. He also completely revised the quality assurance inspection program that resulted in Consumer Reports declaring Best Western as the best mid-price range hotel chain in the United States the third year of his tenure. In the late 90’s Joe installed the quality assurance program internationally for an additional 1,100 properties.

Retirement was achieved in 2008. It was time for fly fishing, camping, RV’ng, and just cooling off from the extensive travel and stress of the global corporate environment.

However, the extensive world-wide travel while at Best Western allowed Joe to pursue his love of sailing. He has sailed the waters of the west coast, and the northwest coast of the United States and Canada, Mexico, Australia, the Caribbean, Greece, and Thailand. Loved every minute of it. Of course, most of the time, the anchor was set and happy hour began by 1600 (4PM).

Sadly, his wife Phoebe passed away in 2014. But there was over 53 years of happy married bliss with his high school sweetheart. We did many things together and she was a very important contributing partner putting up with my adventurous spirit and constant travel.

In 2015, Joe and his brother Richard rafted and fly fished the Salmon River (the River of No Return) in northern Idaho. Realizing how much he missed the mountains and fishing blue ribbon waters, Joe relocated to northern Idaho in late 2015. There he took up gardening with a ¼ acre vegetable garden, several berry vines, 17 orchard trees and almost two acres of pines and firs. And absolutely did a lot of fly fishing.

In 2019, Joe moved back to Phoenix, Arizona to be close to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Then in 2020 he reactivated his artistic side and started creating the lively artwork you see in this gallery.